We specialize in business strategy and analytics, safety management systems, talent development, and technical writing. Our team of talented and experienced consultants has a demonstrated track record of helping organizations to reach their goals by providing a fresh perspective and hands on approach to getting the work done.  Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you succeed with your project, initiative, or goal. 

What We Do

How We Work

Each client is unique and we work together to find the right approach that addresses their specific needs and schedule.


A good solution is both prudent and sustainable.  Understanding the issues and situational complexities is the first step.  Typically, we have a face to face or virtual meeting with a small group of key stakeholders to discuss and identify the needs and define the outcome.


With a solid understanding of the client’s needs and what a good outcome looks like, our team will develop solution alternatives or develop the project schedule based on a pre-approved alternative.


We will assign a Senior Consultant to work with you on the project but rest assured, behind the scenes,  we are all here to help.  This means you get the benefit of our full team’s skills and experience with the ease of having a single point of contact for the project.  If you need a more hands on approach, we are adaptable enough to do that too.

Our Senior Consultant works with the client to create the required interfaces for the overall project team.  This may be as few as 1 person and as many as 40 depending on the complexity of the project.


At the outset, we clearly identify what success looks like for the client and we establish effective measures to monitor progress as the project moves forward, and make incremental changes along the way to ensure we are moving towards our goal.   

Who We Are

Melanie Denaige McDonnell

Founder, Lead Consultant

An internationally accredited safety professional with over 25 years of experience, Denaige has focused her work career on building safety culture through integration with business performance and developing future leaders. She teaches Safety Management Systems at the University of Athabasca and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Business Administration.


Our Team

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Munira Peermohamed

Collaborating Partner

With 35 years experience delivering services in the area of Environmental Public Health and Infection Prevention and Control.

Keith McDonnell

Senior Consultant

Deeply experienced in business strategy, change management, and talent development, he adds over 25 years of experience to the AMG team.

Jesse Meyer

IT Consultant

Working to develop processes helps organizations streamline workflow and increases value. Jesse understands this and works to develop them.

Ray Muise

IT Consultant

Ray is passionate about developing cohesive teams that work together and lifts others into leadership positions.

Denaige McDonnell

Founder, Lead Consultant

An internationally accredited safety professional with over 25 years of experience. Building safety culture and developing future leaders.

Christina Seitz

Staff Consultant

She is most passionate about systems optimization and people development. With 15 years experience managing logistics and materials.


Recreational Artist

Relaxing properly means finding the best sunlight and making sure you're left alone. Ask Winston for the best R&R spots around.


Craft Service

You can't expect deadlines to be reached in time if you don't fuel up. Griffin knows this and works hard for his treats.

We’re a Canadian-based business and safety consulting company that helps organizations to identify and deliver on improvement opportunities so they can get ahead of the competition.

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